Triporna MajumderScience

    Undergraduate Education
    Delhi University-Bachelors in Honors Zoology
    Graduate Education
    Delhi University-Masters in Zoology
    Awards and Recognitions

    A quote that inspires me
    “Today’s students can put dope in their veins or hope in their brains.If they can conceive it and believe it,they can achieve it.They must know that it is not their aptitude,but attitude that will determine the altitude they attain”-Jesse Jackson
    Reading,doing yoga,listening to music,spending time with family.
    Who was your favorite teacher and why?
    My elementary school music teacher because she was very kind,compassionate,beautiful and melodious.
    I think all of my students should read…
    Paying it Forward by Catherine Ryan Hyde.
    What advice or words of wisdom would you offer to students?
    “You always have a choice.Choose wisely”.
    Who is/are your hero(es)?
    My parents,my brother, Mahatma Gandhi ,MLK.