Marike AguilarAssistant Principal

    Undergraduate Education
    Saint Louis University, BA, Secondary Education – Social Studies
    Graduate Education
    UCLA, M.Ed., Urban School Leadership
    Awards and Recognitions

    A quote that inspires me
    Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely. The real safeguard of democracy, therefore, is education. FDR
    Creating art and hiking
    Who was your favorite teacher and why?
    Doc Watson, my Algebra II teacher, was my favorite because he mixed engaging Math lessons with meaningful life talks. He also gave us candy and let me sit at his desk.
    I think all of my students should read…
    “You think your pain and your heartbreak are unprecedented in the history of the world, but then you read. It was books that taught me that the things that tormented me most were the very things that connected me with all the people who were alive, or who had ever been alive.”

    ― James Baldwin
    What advice or words of wisdom would you offer to students?
    In every community, there is work to be done. In every nation, there are wounds to heal. In every heart, there is the power to do it. – Marianne Willamson
    Who is/are your hero(es)?