SJHA Named 2018 Model School by International Center for Leadership in Education

Los Angeles, CA— The International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE), whose mission is to challenge, inspire and equip today’s educators to prepare students for lifelong success, has named The Social Justice Humanitas Academy as a Model School for 2018. The Social Justice Humanitas Academy is being recognized for its future-focused approach and the implementation of a rigorous and relevant curriculum that challenges students to think beyond the classroom to solve real-world problems.

The Social Justice Humanitas Academy is one of 23 innovative schools that will share best practices at ICLE’s 26th Annual Model Schools Conference, June 24-27 in Orlando. The Model Schools Conference is the nation’s largest event for rapidly improving K-12 schools and districts.

“We applaud these inspiring schools for persevering on a path to rapid improvement by creating a positive systemwide culture of high expectations and strong, positive relationships,” said Dr. Willard R. Daggett, Founder and Chairman of the International Center for Leadership in Education.

“I am so proud of the Social Justice Humanitas Academy. This wonderful accomplishment reflects the dedication, perseverance and commitment of this school’s community and leadership to provide a rich, challenging and inspiring education for all of their students.” Linda Del Cueto

Local District Northeast Superintendent

Model Schools are selected annually based on a number of criteria including substantive, data-validated growth year over year; evidence of a strong culture that puts students at the center of learning; and dedication to transforming instruction to meet the needs and demands of the future.

“This year’s Model Schools come from all pockets of the country, but are united in working toward a vision of high achievement and equitable opportunities for all students,” said Dr. Daggett. “The Model Schools Conference will provide The Social Justice Humanitas Academy the unique opportunity to engage in dialogue around real challenges and solutions, discover best practices for personalizing learning and fostering a growth mindset, and build their own personal network,” said Dr. Daggett.

About the International Center for Leadership in Education

The International Center for Leadership in Education, established in 1991 and located in Rexford, N.Y., is one of the most influential education consulting companies in America. It is best known for identifying and disseminating successful practices to assist all students in achieving higher standards. Dr. Daggett and his team of consultants have assisted numerous state education agencies and hundreds of schools and districts in their improvement initiatives. For more information, please visit