What is the purpose of the planner?

PARENTS: This planner belongs to you as well as your student. You should be checking it regularly to make sure your student is completing assignments on time. If you have questions, see the staff directory to contact teachers.

STUDENTS: You should be using this planner daily to help you manage your time and assignments. It is an important organizational skill that will be useful to you in high school, college, and your career.

Put everything in your planner:

  • Homework due dates
  • Assignment due dates
  • Test dates
  • School events, dates, celebrations, sports activities
  • Family gatherings, birthdays, trips
  • College application due dates

Carry your planner with you at all times, and make it a part of your daily routine, including weekends.

Do not…

  • leave your planner in your locker during class time
  • leave your planner behind when class ends
  • rip out pages of your planner
  • try to hide stamps
  • lose your planner.


  • Green stamps indicate that students are completing assignments on time
  • Red stamps indicate 2 things:
  1. Students are not completing assignments on time or that they are doing other things that they should not be doing (not wearing lanyards properly, being late to any class (see Tardy Policy), not having their planners in their possession, eating in class, etc.).
  2. Each red stamp = 20 minutes of time outside of class (before or after school) that the student owes some SJHA teacher and should be signed off by a teacher when these 20 minutes have been served doing something productive (ideally, making up the work that got the student the stamp in the first place).
  • Parents should be monitoring the planner every day (or at the very least weekly) for red stamps that have not been signed off with teacher’s signatures
  • So, as a parent/guardian, the things to look for are too many red stamps in general and especially having red stamps that are UNSIGNED. If this is occurring, it is something that needs to be addressed immediately.
  • The stamps with teacher’s names are only considered cleared if they have TWO signatures.
  • The signature on the left indicates that the student served 20 minutes of time, but has not gotten confirmation from the teacher that gave the stamp that the assignment has been completed.
  • The signature on the right indicates that the student completed whatever assignment got them the stamp, but didn’t necessarily serve 20 minutes.
  • Seniors: Failure to adhere to this system of planners & stamps could result in an inability to participate in senior activities up to and including graduation.