• If a student’s GPA falls to below 2.0 (C average), he or she is placed on Academic Probation
    • This means they will be required to spend an additional two hours per week attending their teacher’s office hours to get the extra help (or time) they need.
    • We keep track of this by giving them 6 additional red stamps a week (to equal 2 hours per week) and this continues until the next 5-week grading period when we recalculate their GPA.
    • If a student’s GPA is at or above 2.0, but they are also failing any classes, they may also be placed on Academic Probation
  • We have this program because, if a student’s grades fall this low, it is imperative that we act now and intervene while there is still time to make a difference. To be candid, if nothing changes, your son or daughter will be in the same grade next year and if that trend continues, there is a good chance they will not graduate from high school. This is unacceptable!