The Social Justice Humanities Academy at the Cesar Chavez Learning Academies was founded in 2011 with the opening of Valley Regional High School #5. Through an open proposal system led by our founding teacher staff and principal, Mr. Navarro, SJHA secured our future on this campus. To see more information on this founding please watch this video.

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Our vision is that our students will achieve self-actualization.

A school’s vision is a description of what the school would like to achieve and acts as a guide to all decision making. A school’s vision is its inspiration, articulating the dreams and hopes for the school community. At Social Justice Humanitas Academy, our vision is: We will achieve self-actualization. The concept of self-actualization comes from Abraham Maslow, a leader in humanistic psychology, who understood a good life to be one in which an individual maximized their potential to become the very best version of who they are.

Maslow believed that healthy human beings have certain needs that must be met in order to self-actualize, and that these needs exist in a hierarchy, with basic physiological needs at the bottom, followed by safety, social, and esteem needs. At SJHA, we understand that student growth is holistic, that all of a student’s needs must be addressed as we support them to become the best student and best person that they can be.

Our college-prep, interdisciplinary curriculum, advisory program, intervention systems, focus on social-emotional learning, parent engagement opportunities and community partnerships are all designed to understand the needs of each individual student and help them to realize their full potential.

Our expectation that all Humanitas students will attend college stems from our belief that education is the best pathway for personal growth. Whatever path our students choose, we hope to start them on a life-long journey to realize their full potential.

Our mission is to achieve social justice through the development of the complete individual. In doing so, we increase our students’ social capital and their humanity while creating a school worthy of our own children. We have established in our school a culture of academic excellence coupled with humanistic compassion.  At SJHA, it is not enough to be a good student; you must also strive to be a good person. In the words of Juan Miramontes, Berkeley senior and SJHA graduate, “The academics got me here, but it is the values and love SJHA instilled in me that gets me through.”